What People Say

A typical family homeOur guests include long-time Accra expats, tourists, international development volunteers and local Ghanaians.

The tour launched in August 2013 and since then hundreds of guests have enjoyed learning more about this fascinating neighbourhood.

Whether you’ve newly arrived in Accra, or are already familiar with the city’s sights, the Jamestown Walking Tour invites you to discover another side of this pulsing city.

Here’s what our guests have to say:

“This was a great afternoon with great guides. Really enjoyed it and will come back for sure. It was special to be invited in the private life of the Jamestown people” – NICOLIEN, SWITZERLAND

“Keep going. This is by far the best Accra experience I’ve had so far. Good luck!” – CECILE TIANO, USA

“Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Jamestown. The friendly people and wonderful guides were appreciated. What a lovely ending to a great tour in Wato Bar! Cheers, will be back” – DIANNE, UK

“My second time on the tour and I’ve still not had enough! Thanks Collins.” – TOM, UK

“This was a tour of a city within a city. Without visiting this part of Accra you cannot understand Accra. Thanks to this tour I got this understanding of how much fascinating culture there is.” – GEART DE JANG, THE NETHERLANDS

“Great tour – All the guys are really friendly and informative. It was really nice to see Accra from a local perspective, and see an area that I would not have otherwise have seen.” – KATE MEYLER, USA

“Fantastic tour! There was something for everyone! My 64 year old mother was riveted the whole tour. Good luck developing the community theatre!” – LIZ CALDWELL, AUSTRALIA

“I really enjoyed exploring Jamestown and walking among the locals. Collins and Nii are very kind and patient. You can tell that they take pride in their home which makes me greatly appreciate their words, stories and insight. Thank you!” – JASMINE NWABARA, USA

“It has been a very nice trip where we see different places in Jamestown. The guides were very kind and interesting to listen to. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience James Town – It’s a good opportunity to see and meet people, feel and experience Ghana in a new way.” – THOMAS & FRIENDS, DENMARK


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